Hovering on the Winds of Thought

By Andrew G. Alt

A lonely time ago, swimming in the mist formed by the winds of thought, there was a space. The space had no purpose but to swim. The space realized it was able to do more than swim, so one day it began falling through the mist and landed between some vowels. The vowels didn’t seem to mind associating with the space, however, the two were still lost in a void, feeling incoherent and incomplete. After doing some running, the duo tagged several consonants which were floating in the breeze nearby. Continue reading ‘Hovering on the Winds of Thought’

The Money Trees

By Andrew G. Alt

There was once a beautiful kingdom peacefully ruled by a benevolent king and queen. In financial terms, the kingdom’s citizens were much like our own: some were rich, some were poor, and some fell comfortably into the middle.

The king’s son, Prince Cameron, was rich. He was highly educated, but sometimes didn’t utilize his skills and talents. He spent most of his time gambling, going to parties, and neglecting lessons that would teach him how to be a good dictator.

A peasant named Johann worked in the king’s garden. He was hard-working, honest, and always took pride in his work. He had a wife and five children to support, and therefore was poor. He and his family lived in a small two-bedroom house near the castle. They could view the castle through a small, broken window, and often they spoke of its beauty and its majestic appearance.

Johann had become friends with a peddler named Elijah, who resided about four kilometers beyond the border of the kingdom. He was a pleasant fellow and was always greeted with friendly smiles when he came to the kingdom to peddle his reasonably-priced items. Elijah also brought news to the citizens about noteworthy developments occurring throughout the region. Elijah and Johann met with each other frequently. Often, their days were highlighted by stimulating and friendly conversation. Continue reading ‘The Money Trees’

Recovery of Danielle

By Amy Chambers

February 15,  2012

Danielle was not overly concerned with her appearance unlike her peers gazing in the mirrors and ritually applying layers of makeup. She was blessed with a natural beauty – long wavy golden hair, eyes that matched a beautiful blue sky, and curves in all the right places. Her pleasing features and mannerism made her appear more mature than her actual age. She was not nearly as interested in boys as they were in her. Her friends would always make fun of the way she twirled her hair between her fingers nervously when talking to boys. Her mornings began the same way her days ended; in her spacious, meticulously decorated bedroom writing on her public-viewed profile on FaceBook for not only her friends to see, but also anyone else who was curious to know her and captivated by her beauty.

Her motives for updating FaceBook were pure – apprising her friends of when she was leaving for school and complaining about her submissive mother and overbearing father. “Dani, clean your room…get off your computer…don’t be late for school….do your homework!” Just once she wished her mother would stick up for her and tell her father to shut up. Dani knew her living conditions were more than adequate, being the only child in a 5-bedroom Victorian style home in a well-to-do neighborhood in Caribou, Maine. What Dani didn’t know is that a day’s car ride away a predator in Boston, Massachusetts, was watching her on FaceBook. He was familiarizing himself with her daily routine and her morning walks to Caribou High School. Her walk to school one warm spring morning with the fresh aromas of new life sprouting was going to change her world forever. Continue reading ‘Recovery of Danielle’

The Camel in the Desert

By Andrew G. Alt

(Listen to Audio)

Once upon a time, on a world far from our own, in a desert that spanned thousands of kilometers, a camel walked near a narrow stream of water. The camel lowered his head to drink. By the time his mouth was near the ground, however, all the water had evaporated. He began walking again to find more. He’d hoped to find a lake, but even a small river would make him happy.

Being thirsty made him sad, but he was also sad because he was the only camel remaining. All his other camel friends had died. One had even committed suicide. He’d only been able to say goodbye to one of them; the others had gone up to Heaven much too suddenly.

He walked along further, and in the distance saw a lizard. The lizard wasn’t moving, and the camel approached the lizard easily. “Mr. Lizard, why aren’t you moving?”

Continue reading ‘The Camel in the Desert’

The Obedient Parents

By Andrew G. Alt

(Listen to Audio)

Once upon a time, in a land not far from yours, there lived a small boy and a small girl who sometimes did not like to listen to their parents. The boy’s name was Billy and the girl’s name was Holly. Sometimes the parents would say “It’s time to go to bed, dear” or “You can’t have ice cream until you eat your vegetables, honey.” Often the parents had to order the children to clean their bedroom.

On this particular occasion, Billy and Holly were cleaning their room because their parents told them to do so. As they were picking up their toys, they each reached for a small plastic elf. When they touched it at the exact same time, it began to glow bright-green and made a sparkling kind of noise. The elf quickly grew to be as tall as Billy and Holly’s teacher at school. He had a bright-orange mustache and beard. His ears were pointed and he was dressed in clothes that seemed to be about 5000 years old. Continue reading ‘The Obedient Parents’

The Search for the Enchanted Balls

By Andrew G. Alt

(Listen to Audio)

Once upon a time in a land not unlike our own, two tabby cats named Janice and Jacob were playing in a grassy field with their enchanted balls. Janice’s ball was pink with purple stripes. Jacob’s was bright green with small yellow circles. They loved their toys and played with them every day.

One day as Janice and Jacob were playing, they both lost their balls. They were heart-broken. They went home and cried themselves to sleep. The next day, they decided to search for them.

Janice and Jacob left to travel the world to search for their beloved toys. They didn’t know how long their search would last or how far they’d have to travel to reacquire their precious treasure, but they were determined. Continue reading ‘The Search for the Enchanted Balls’

The Blind Man and His Neighbors

By Andrew G. Alt

(Listen to Audio)

A kind, gentle man and his family once lived in a large forest. His family and friends all loved him, and agreed he loved God and wanted always to do the right thing. He was even good to the animals who lived nearby. He was poor but had enough money to make sure his family remained fed and healthy. Despite his lack of wealth, he kept a positive attitude and his face nearly always held a friendly smile.

There were citizens in a neighboring town, however, for whom the Man held no good feelings. They had a bad reputation and dressed strangely, and spoke oddly. Outwardly he wasn’t mean or disrespectful to them; but he avoided and ignored them, and pretended they didn’t exist.

One day the Man was in the forest chopping wood to provide his good wife fuel for cooking. As he chopped, small wood chips suddenly flew into his eyes. They penetrated deeply and swiftly. He screamed with agony. His wife came running. Upon seeing the pain on her husband’s face and that he was using his hands to cover his eyes, she realized immediately what had happened. She quickly grabbed him and entered their vehicle, and drove him to a nearby hospital. When they arrived he was soon taken to an emergency room, diagnosed, and operated on. Finally the Man’s eyes were bandaged. He was then wheeled to a recovery room and tucked into a nice, comfortable bed. Continue reading ‘The Blind Man and His Neighbors’

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